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The NBA Playoffs consist of four rounds consisting of sixteen teams in the Western Conference and the Eastern Conference of the NBA. This was called divisions before the 1970s. The winners of the of the conference quarter finals or, as we all know, the First Round. The winners of the First Round go on to the NBA Conference Finals. Eventually, the champions of each conference come face to face in the NBA finals.

Online NBA Picks

In every round except the Finals, the best of seven series follows a 2-2-1-1-1pattern, meaning that one team will have home court in games 1, 2, 5, and 7,while the other plays at home in games 3, 4, and 6. Forthe Finals, the series follows a 2-3-2 pattern, meaning that one team will havehome court in games 1, 2, 6, and 7, while the other plays at home in games 3-5.

Printable NBA brackets

As the basketball seasonwinds down, the excitement heats up as another NBA Playoffs season kicksoff in April.

The NBA will release the playoff brackets after the final games of the season are concluded. Looking For NBA playoffs brackets then you came to the right place.

Get you NBA Playoff bets and your TV remotes ready for another round of exciting NBA finals action on ABC & ESPN. Intense passion, heated rivalries, and ofcourse, miraculous buzzer-beaters. In a best-of-seven series, anything canhappen on the court, heroes emerge, underdogs can triumph and hardwood historyis made.

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NBA betting picks - NBA Basketball Picks

Tired of losing good money? Do you know what it takes to win at betting on sports? Are you having the kind of success you expected? If not, then you will want to read the Vegas Advisors Professional Sports Handicapping Guide. Learn the strategies that the pros use and put yourself in the best position for sports betting success.

With the Free Betting Guide you'll learn everything you need to know about how to create a successful sports betting plan for increased winning and profits. The Sports Handicapping Guide acts as a step-by-step formula for success and will show you how to become a more profitable sports bettor by giving you the knowledge and insight to help you to win and make money.

Whether you are a casual bettor making an occasional bet to add excitement to a game or a serious player looking to make big money, you should never forget that each dollar you risk is a dollar that you can lose. Don’t just ‘play games’ with your money and gamble it away senselessly. Making the most intelligent decisions when placing your bets is key to achieving maximum results. To do this you’re going to need to develop a solid sports betting game plan for success and the Vegas advisors Handicapping Guide can show you just how to do it.

Sports betting Tips

Helpful Sports betting Tips

Finding Key Information
Effective Money Management Techniques
Determining the Proper Amount & Frequency of Your Bets
Finding The Best Odds & Timing Your Wagers
Understanding the Mechanics Behind Pointspreads & Moneylines

NBA Basketball Odds - Bet NBA Odds

Live NBA Odds:

Find sportsbooks offering live odds updated in real time, within our website. It is important to get the best basketball odds in your favor, if you want to win at basketball betting. You will also find free NBA betting odds from several sportsbooks who also offer both college basketball betting and betting on NBA basketball.

Each week Online NBA Picks will have the best free NBA basketball betting picks, free pro basketball picks, and NCAA basketball picks. The information you will find within the pages of our website, and with our online sports betting sponsors, will give you the best edge to win during this NBA basketball betting season.

NBA Basketball betting tips

Basketball betting pointers
Do not bet just because you like the name of the team or the color of the teams jersey, keep game stats and look for trends, bet only a small percentage (say 10%) of your wagering capital, and don't chase your losses. Remember both losing and winning streaks all come to an end!

More on NBA Basketball Betting Tips

Bet NBA Online - NBA Betting Online

Basketball and football alone account for approximately two-thirds of annual betting handle with the rest of the sports like baseball, hockey, golf, boxing, NASCAR, etc. making up the other 33%. There are many reasons for this.

The sheer volume of college games (with as many as 80 boarded college football games/week vs. 15 in the NFL and 250+ boarded college basketball games/week vs. 50 or so in the NBA) makes up the difference Want to check the latest NBA basketball odds and betting lines? No problem. The sportsbooks we offer are recommended on the internet for their NBA odds and Payouts.

want to bet on NBA odds or are you interested in NBA Stats, NBA Picks, College Basketball Picks, and the NBA basketball handicapping and betting resources in our NBA Betting section. More NBA Basketball Sports Betting Online


Here's some of the best Basketball Betting Links around the Internet, check them out!

NBA guides

Find resources of interest to those betting on NBA basketball. Review the latest NBA news, scores, statistics, odds, and more.

NBA bet guide

NBA basketball news and commentary, scores, standings, schedules, statistics, injuries, and rankings, as well as player and team information.

College basketball point spreads

Whether you are looking at placing an NBA bet or college basketball wager, check out the basketball lines and expert basketball picks from the award winning handicapping gurus.


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